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What Kind Of Brunch Gal Are You?

Ahhhhh brunch. If you live in Dubai, we're sure you've done at least one brunch!
There's so many different styles of brunches here in Dubai. We have the boozy brunch, the party brunch, the family brunch, the pool brunch, the classic 'stuff your face' brunch and so many more to choose from.
So why do we brunch? Whether it's a weekly occurrence or it's to get together with friends or to impress family/friends when they come over to visit or special birthday (then you can go really wild!!) or even a leaving party (that's the thing that sucks about Dubai - you always have friends that come & go to move onto other parts of the world).
The brunches in Dubai are available in most of the hotels across the city, with absolutely gorgeous views with Instagrammable backgrounds - to ensure you get that PERFECT photo for the 'gram.
Nothing To Wear offers 2 hour express delivery, 7 days a week and did you know our busiest day of the week is actually Saturday Morning - last minute panics of what to wear, last minute invites to brunch from friends, last minute wardrobe meltdowns where nothing looks good!
What's your favourite Dubai brunch?
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